Since 1958 the Lomangino family has been providing private sanitation services in Brooklyn, NY.  Three Brothers began working on an open back truck loading and unloading by hand.  As the family grew Joseph Lomangino started his own company named after himself and his wife Rose.  In 1962 JoRo Carting was born with the help of Papa Joe's 5 hardworking sons.  Over the years the brothers learned many skills and played many roles for the company including laborer, driver, welder, and mechanic. The family operated tradition continued as many of Papa Joe's grandchildren went to work at night, keeping the streets of Brooklyn clean.

In 1997 Joseph Lomangino passed away leaving the business to his remaining sons Frank and Joe Jr.  They continued the family tradition of working hard and taking care of their community.  In little time their reputation grew and so did the business. After 10 years as partners, Joe tragically passed away at the early age of 53.  Although devastating to the Lomangino family they had to regroup and continue doing what Brooklyn needs them to do. 

Frank's son, Frank Jr. has been working with JoRo Carting since 1996, learning the business by picking up trash at night and hanging around the garage during the day. Frank Jr now runs the day to day operation of service and sales for the company, while Frank Sr. still manages the billing office with help from his daughter Amy.